Town Council and Staff

Picture left to right: 2019/2020 Denton Town Council:  Keith Johnson, Lester Branson, Abby McNinch, Doncella Wilson, & Dallas Lister.



term ends 12/31/23


Lester L. Branson:
Dallas Lister:
Walter Keith Johnson:  

Doncella Wilson                                                                 

term ends 12/31/24
term ends 12/31/20
term ends 12/31/21

term ends 12/31/22                                                             



Town Administrator


Donald H. Mulrine Jr.
Clerk Treasurer


Karen L. Monteith
Chief of Police


Rodney R. Cox
Superintendent of Public Works


Philip E. Clark, Sr.
Superintendent of Water & Wastewater Operations


Mark Chandler
Town Administrator’s Aide Lisa Orendorf

Denton News!

  • Invitation to bid

    Under the authority of Chapter 23, Purchasing Manual, Salvage & Surplus Material Policy, of the Code of Public Local Laws of Denton, Maryland, the Town issues an invitation to bid on the following Town owned property and all improvements, buildings, thereon:

  • NUTS program back in 2020

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