Possible A&E District Expansion – Public Meetings


Meeting Dates & Locations

June 23, 2014 at 7:00 PM    June 26, 2014 at 7:00 PM
Caroline County Public     Library Museum of Rural Life
100 Market St., Denton     16 N Second St., Denton

Background Information

The State of Maryland offers an Arts & Entertainment (A&E) District program to communities throughout the state. An A&E designation can be a powerful economic development tool to help revitalize and grow downtown areas. The program offers property tax and income tax incentives to artists that live and/or work within the district.

The Town of Denton is currently home to a small A&E District located on Fourth Street between Market and Gay Streets. Denton’s A&E District is due for renewal and possible expansion to a much larger portion of the downtown area. Businesses and residents are invited to attend public meetings on the dates listed above to learn more about the A&E District and provide feedback on its possible expansion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to be an artist to live in or have a business in the A&E district?
No. Anyone may live within the district and any type of business may be located within the district (provided that the type of business is permitted under existing zoning laws).

Will I have to pay additional costs if I live in or have a business in the A&E district?
No. There are no additional fees or taxes assessed on properties, residents, or businesses within the A&E District.
The long-term goal of an A&E District is to revitalize a community, which could lead to higher property values within the district. In turn, higher property values may ultimately result in higher tax bills, though the actual tax rate is not affected by the presence of an A&E district.

What are the benefits of an A&E designation if I already have a business within the district?
The A&E designation allows access to marketing programs that help promote the district, which increases visitors and foot traffic within the district.

What are the benefits of an A&E designation for artists that live and/or work within the district?
Property Tax Credits: Properties that are built or renovated within the district and that are occupied by for-profit or nonprofit entities dedicated to the visual and performing arts are eligible for property tax credits.
Income Tax Subtraction Modification for Individual Artists: Artists do not have to pay local or state income taxes on the work they produce and sell within the district.

How do I get more information about Denton’s possible A&E District expansion?
Please attend one of the meetings listed above. You may also contact the Caroline County Council of Arts at ccartscouncil@verizon.net or 410.479.1009.