Trash Collection Regulation Reminder…

Dear Denton Town Residents,

In an effort to provide quality trash collection service, the Town of Denton will be placing more emphasis on Chapter 64 (Garbage and Trash) regulations per the Denton Town Code. 

Since the beginning of May, Department of Planning & Codes personnel have been alerting Town residents that they would need to be more diligent in following this chapter of the Code once the new waste contractor began picking up the trash. 

This information has been spread through the use of door tags, letters, conversations, a post on the Town of Denton website and a post card sent on July 6, 2018 to all residents in the Town.

Beginning with tomorrow’s (8/7/2018) trash collection, Eastern Shore Environmental, LLC has been asked to not pick up any trash that has been placed on the ground for collection.  Town personnel will be following the trash collection vehicle placing a copy of the attached post card on any garbage that is on the ground.  

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any Town of Denton Department of Planning & Codes personnel for more information at 410-479-3625.

Thank you for your cooperation.